Weber’s words are another manifestation of shoes

I think this is another manifestation of arrogance,” said Mariusz Błaszczak, head of the Ministry of National Defense, in the “Gość Wiadomości” program on TVP Info, commenting on the shameful remarks of the head of the EPP. The Minister of Defense announced that tomorrow a ship with the first Abrams tank for the Army Poland will arrive in Poland.

Another manifestation of the shoe”

The head of the Ministry of National Defense commented on the words of the head of the EPP Manfred Weber on public television for “FAZ”, saying that they are “the only force that can replace PiS in Poland”.

I think this is another manifestation of shoes. We have heard these words many times before. Poland is not going to be cheap labour, as some of our neighbors in the West would like

Blazczak said.

Poland is a country with very rich democratic traditions, it has a very democratic tradition of electing rulers. When there were no elections in Germany, elections were held in Poland, elections for kings, that is, those who rule in our country. At that time, a bloody religious war was going on in German soil, or a burning of firewood. In Poland there is tolerance, religious tolerance. We have nothing to be ashamed of

he reminded.

According to the Minister of Finance, the issue of reparations is important here.

Undoubtedly, it is also significant in this whole story that the current government, the Polish government, demands compensation, that is, payment for the damage caused to the Germans when they occupied Poland.

he judged.

I believe that the point here is to stop Poland, first of all, in our journey to make Poland a more significant country in the European arena, to strengthen Poland’s international position and international status.

he added, citing as an example “don’t blame us for crimes we didn’t commit.”

This is a German crime, committed during World War II. So to say that some “Nazis” caused the Holocaust, for example, only obscures the facts. It was the German state that caused the Holocaust, it was the German state, in agreement with the Russian state, that invaded Poland in 1939, and the German and Russian occupations were both very brutal, very cruel to the Polish people.

Blazczak said.

The minister also reminded that in German-occupied territories, Poles who harbored Jews were punishable by death.

Nevertheless, basically all the Jews who survived this German crime had to resort to Polish aid, Polish aid, (…) who – risking his own life – protected the Jews

he emphasized.

He also stated that Turow’s context was important.

When we look at the map, we see that in this sack of Turoszów there are lignite mines on both sides, both on the German side and on the Czech side. And somehow only the mines on the Polish side interfered. Here’s the answer

– he says.

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The Polish army is getting stronger!

The head of the Ministry of National Defense also reminded in the program that under the previous PO-PSL government, the Polish army was disarmed and its units liquidated.

Our goal is at least 300,000. Polish Army soldiers. We can say that today we have 172.5 thousand. armed people, whereas in 2015 (…) there were 95 thousand. soldier

he gives the data.

We have received the FA-50 aircraft ordered last year, which is a record for the delivery of combat equipment. Polish pilots recently completed training in Korea

continued the minister of defense.

Błaszczak delivers another good news!

Tomorrow, a ship with Abrams tanks, ordered in the United States, from this first shipment will arrive at the port of Szczecin-Świnoujście

– he says. He explained that it was a ship with 14 tanks, that is, one company.

There will be two more companies later this year. We will have a whole tank battalion. another battalion next year

he told.

Prigozhin’s uprising and Russian imperialism

The program also asks about recent events in Russia, namely the failed uprising of Prigozhin’s mercenaries and the Wagner Group.

What happened in Russia is information that confirms our belief that we have chosen the right path to strengthen the Polish Army

– said the head of the Ministry of National Defense. He emphasized that currently the government is carrying out the will of the late President Lech Kaczyński, who warned against Russian imperialism.

Whether it is red or white or Putin’s, it makes no difference. Russia has always committed war crimes and brought evil with it. There is only one way to stop this procession, stop imperialism, by strengthening the Polish Army

– said Minister Błaszczak.

olk/Info TVP/PAP

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