World does not pay equal attention to all crises, says WHO chief

In a verbal visit beyond purely medical matters today, Tedros expressed doubts “whether the world really pays equal attention to black and white life.” According to him, the current crises in Ethiopia, Yemen, Afghanistan and Syria are causing only “part” of global attention compared to Ukraine.

According to the AP, Tedros said last month that “nowhere on Earth is the health of millions more at risk” than in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. Although a ceasefire was announced there three weeks ago, according to Tedros, 2,000 trucks of food, medicine and other necessities will be sent to the area. In fact, only about 20 trucks arrived there, said Tedros, who is of the Tiger ethnicity.

“As we speak, people are starving,” the former Ethiopian minister of health and foreign affairs said today. He acknowledged that the war in Ukraine was significant worldwide, but also said that the world did not treat everyone equally. “Some are more equal than others,” he added, criticizing the media for allegedly not documenting atrocities in Ethiopia, where people are said to be burned alive.

The conflict between the Ethiopian government and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), which controls Tigray state, began in November 2020. The fighting has claimed thousands of lives and forced millions from their homes.

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