Air crash in the Czech Republic. Vintage engine pilot, Super Express, dies

Air crash during a show at Cheb! The historic fighter pilot is dead

The pilot of the Hawker Hurricane Mk. IV died during an air show that took place in Cheb, a city in West Bohemia – PAP reports. The disaster occurred on Sunday, August 14, and the entire event was interrupted. The accident occurred during one of the stunts, when a British fighter from World War II lost his strength and fell into a cottage area outside the airport area. The engine pilot died on the spotand one spectator was injured.

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As informed by PAP, The World War II Hawker Hurricane Mk.IV that crashed in Cheb was the last flying model of its kind in the world – belongs to the private aviation museum Toczna located near Prague. During the war, British RAF military aviation was equipped with several versions of this engine, flown by pilots from Poland and Czechoslovakia. Of the 14,583 Hurricanes produced, there are currently fewer than 15. The last one is from Mk.IV. falls on Sunday. It was painted like during World War II, a machine flown by Czech air ace Karl Kuttelwascher in the RAF.

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