– Bladder burst – ends in comma

Father-of-two Connor Pleasance, 26, from Yorkshire in England, fell ill in early June so he decided to go to the emergency department.

He was sent to doctors at Glenfield Hospital in Leicester. There it was quickly discovered that he had pneumonia and that his gallbladder had ruptured.

Local newspapers reported Yorkshire Live.

The 26-year-old was hospitalized for two weeks. In the end, he was allowed to go home to his partner Jade (23), Grace (5) and five-month-old Beau.

Not long after, Connor fell ill again.

Induced coma

If a ruptured gallbladder is suspected, the patient is usually operated on immediately.

If a longer time has passed or the patient cannot tolerate the operation, it is added accordingly Shared catalog tube into the gallbladder so that bile can be drained.

When Connor returned to the hospital, the doctors performed another examination of his gallbladder. The pneumonia returned and it was decided to keep her in the hospital.

LOST: The daughter has made some pictures with small messages for her father. Photo: Jam Press/ Jo Pleasence
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Connor spent the next two weeks in the hospital’s intensive care unit. Then everything took a turn for the worse.

According to Yorkshire Live, the father-of-two’s condition suddenly deteriorated. In the end, the doctors had no choice but to put him in an artificial coma.

hearse driver

The hearse driver “died” in crisis

Bacteria in the lungs

Local newspapers reported that doctors suspected bacteria from Connor’s gallbladder had invaded his lungs, and that this was the reason why he became seriously ill.

Jo Pleasance has been in the hospital since her son was admitted. He had no plans to leave until he could take her home with him.

ONLY CHILDREN: Connor Pleasance is Jo Pleasance's only son.  Photo: Jam Press/ Jo Pleasence

ONLY CHILDREN: Connor Pleasance is Jo Pleasance’s only son. Photo: Jam Press/ Jo Pleasence
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– It’s so scary. He had been in the hospital since he was transferred here. Since then there has been no change in his condition, he told Yorkshire Live.

As the mother could not stay in the hospital, she had been taken to a nearby hotel so that she could visit her son every day.

- We live in fear

– We live in fear

Pulmonary fibrosis

Doctors have informed the family that Connor has pulmonary fibrosis. Because of this, part of his lung could not be repaired.

based on pocket doctor Pulmonary fibrosis is a condition in which inflammation and scarring of the lung tissue occurs. The more scar tissue in the lungs, the harder it is to breathe normally.

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The lungs also become stiff and less mobile, while the area used for gas exchange is reduced.

– We hope the lung can be repaired. All we can do now is wait. He was really critically ill, the mother said.

- People stare, point and laugh

– People stare, point and laugh

Gotta wake him up

At this point, Connor was not breathing on his own, but with the help of the ECMO engine.

based on Oslo University Hospital ECMO is a lung machine used to relieve heart or lung failure.

Connor is currently not responding to the treatment. According to doctors, it could take days before anything could happen.

– They hope his body will react soon. The plan was to wake him up slowly, the mother told Yorkshire Live.

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