Brcho’s whole body was turned off, l pekk Svoboda. Dreamed about Cocos from Budiov

When the athletic life of the great Czech Petr Svoboda seemed about to take on a normal form, injuries and illness were discovered. This year, one of the double combinations knocked the tall athlete from Budiov, Tebeska, out of his seductive rhythm on the endless third floor.

The last time I bleached a pekek edesta was at this year’s Czech Republic indoor championships in Norway. And the strange thing is that even though I tore a muscle in the fall, I still won, changing my first place with a smile, and also the title of republic from the Ostrava hall.

It was mainly the outside that was injured, not as you would think before. Or are there complications?
I have a nearly five centimeter hole in my muscle. Even so, it took quite a while to heal. As soon as I started to get up slowly, I relieved my aching leg and asked myself a sharp bite for a healthy one. For a while it even looked like a broken navel. What has not been confirmed, but I got angina from walking after spending time in the hospital. And then, to make sure that didn’t happen, I also took a breath.

Hell, it’s awful without a good hand. You can adjust it with your feet, but when you can’t get anything… Actually, he’s reliant on the fact that he’s somehow softened the bell, so someone has to tighten it.

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