Changes in the representation of women’s floorballs. Procházka becomes the new coach

The change in the women’s national team bench came after the world championships in Uppsala, where the Czechs finished in fourth place. “We dealt with the situation regarding the leadership of the women’s national team in great detail. Sascha Rhyner had our confidence after the 2019 World Cup and at that time, despite failing, she was given the opportunity to continue the team. After the current championship, which was not only without a medal, but most importantly it didn’t work in terms of performance, we decided not to renew the contract with him, “explained the changes approved by the Organizing Committee, Chairman of Komnas HAM. Vaclav Culka. “On behalf of the entire Czech floorball management, I would like to thank Sasch for the amazing job she has done for the women’s national team and wish her good luck in the future,” said Czech Floorball President Daniel Novák.

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“We negotiated with several candidates and finally – based on the evaluation of the presented game intentions and the ability to implement them – we chose Lukáš Procházka. We believe that he will be able to transfer his knowledge to the national team, which he has accumulated not only as an elite player, but especially as a coach. She worked in the super league for several years and was able to apply her experience as a long-term coach in the top women’s league, thanks to which she has a perfect picture of the players,” explained Culka.

For the first time, Procházka sniffed for training at Sparta, where she began assisting the selection of the women’s second league. In 2003, she played the last draw against Liberec with Děkanka, and then the final coaching move came to Chodov, where she was in the birthplace of the women’s team. For a while, he led the women’s and men’s teams, but due to great demands, he then focused solely on the men, who coached them in the highest competition for six years. In addition, he coached the men’s academic team, with which he won silver at the 2008 World Cup.

Clear vision and goals

In 2016, she returned to the bench for the women’s team, who, following the departure of Michaela Marešová to Tatran, took over as head coach before the 2019/20 season. Last year, after a huge outflow of experienced floorball players overseas, he managed to build a practical new team consisting mostly of young and talented players, with whom he had a smooth season and also very close to winning the superfinals.

He came into the national team with a clear vision and taste for success. “One of the important steps is getting closer to the absolute top of the world. My goal, of course, is a medal, personally I want to play in the World Cup final. The potential for that is here. But physical readiness is a very important parameter. We have to play running and conditioning games. This is necessary for international floorball. This will also be one of the aspects with which I will make a nomination,” explained Procházka.

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One of his priorities is to give young players a chance. But that is not the only factor on which a representative election is based. “The decisive factor is the performance, the benefit to the team and the ability to adapt to the style of play we have to present. I think we have a very good young generation in our country in the Czech Republic and one of the keys to success is to use the potential of young floorball players. Of course, it is equally important to have experienced players in the team,” explained the new pilot of the Czech substitution.

The Prague native also revealed that he is currently not planning to make any major changes in running the national team. “As the coach of one of the extra-league teams, I felt within the girls themselves that after taking over the Sascha national team, they were clearly making game progress. Of course, I knew that there were details I wanted to change or change, but I didn’t planning any revolution,” he said of his predecessor.

Identity building

Walker will have the opportunity to continue working at the club as a coach of the national team. “Currently, the conditions and scope of work for the head coach of the women’s team are regulated so that involvement in the club does not become an obstacle. The overall cooperation will be very similar to that of the current coach. I don’t think that Lukáš’s work at Chodov in any role will have a negative impact on the running of the national team. At the same time, we will look for ways in the executive committee to improve conditions in the women’s national team as soon as possible and to get coaches more broadly,” explained Novák.

Procházka adjusted his duties so that he concentrated as much as possible on working in the national team, but he still had to complete some commitments. “At the end of July, I will be hired in a managerial position, but even during the period when the camp starts, I have determined that floorball has priority,” he explained. Moreover, as the female head coach of Chodov, she is now facing the peak in the form of a play-off semifinal and will continue her work with the Prague team after the end of the season. “I wanted to continue at Chodov, because I thought that due to the national team I needed some additional floorball workload and I knew that I would lack daily contact with the training process and sports training. However, the priority now is to the national team, so the exact shape of my role at the club will be handled,” he explained about the current situation of the parties regarding their commitment.

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The first events await the women’s national team under the new leadership in May and June, when the training camp will take place. In addition to getting to know the team, Procházka wanted to start building his identity gradually and work on certain aspects of the game. He also wants to have a complete implementation team at these events, the composition of which he is currently working on intensively. “Currently we are working on the assistant position. We want there to be foreign elements in the implementation team. We are working intensively and I believe that soon we will be able to display her final form,” believes Procházka, who will have her maiden match at the Polish Open in September. In the fall, the Czechs will await the Euro Floorball Tour tournament and the whole cycle will culminate in the World Championships in Singapore in 2023.

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