Do you want to benefit your health? As a rule, urinate while sitting, urologists advise men

Recently, a survey was conducted of more than 7,000 men from 13 countries, in which the subject of one question was in what “position” do men urinate. The results showed that more than 40 percent of German men were sitting when they urinated, compared to just 9 percent of Britons and 10 percent of Americans.

How to do it for the web Daily mail says urologist Gerald Collins of Alexandra Hospital in Cheshire, England, the German is right. As he stated, he believed that the common standing peeing style developed for men as a matter of convenience and circumstance.

“Timing is important. For example, if you’re on a golf course and need to jump behind a tree, do it. It would be an odd way to take your pants off in that situation,” he says. With the addition that this doesn’t mean that standing urination is best from a health standpoint.

When the prostate is heard


Already in 2014, Dutch researchers found that a sitting position facilitates “faster and better bladder emptying”. According to them, this is because the pelvic and spinal muscles actually relax when a person sits, making urination easier. However, when standing, the muscles are still active and the tension around them can prevent the person from urinating “all the way”.

According to the study, sitting to urinate is especially beneficial for men who have urinary tract problems and an enlarged prostate, which can also get worse with age.

In addition, if such problems do not empty the bladder as well as possible, it can lead to the development of urinary tract stones, urinary tract or kidney infections over time. Even from this point of view, men are encouraged to urinate while sitting.


Do you think it’s normal for men to pee while sitting?

If it benefits their health, why not.

To maintain the cleanliness of the area around the toilet, definitely yes.

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But there are also other benefits of urinating while sitting, namely maintaining cleanliness around the toilet.

But in reality, many men refuse to sit down to urinate simply on the grounds that, in their opinion, it is “a sign of weakness and femininity.”

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