Dominik Tarczyński: PZPR has its representatives in the European Parliament

– PZPR, which has been recognized as an organized crime group of an armed character, has representation in the European Parliament – said Dominik Tarczyński, MEP Law and Justice, in the Woronicza 17 program on TVP Info, referring to the relevant issue for a vote on a resolution calling for the European Commission for disrespecting the Polish National Reconstruction Plan.

Let’s remember that seven members of the Polish parliament voted for the resolution. In the European Parliament elections, they are running from the list of the Civil Coalition set up by the Civil Platform, the Polish People’s Party, and the Alliance of the Democratic and Green Left. Among the voters were people with a political background from the Polish Union of Workers Party.

– It was Tusk who gave fuel to all those whose hands are now handling the case against Poland. We have many such people, who unfortunately fostered certain political traditions, in the Sejm and the Polish Parliament. What is happening now is a “burning” of Polish politics and it is predicted that the quality of life of Poles will deteriorate and they will turn away from a democratically elected government – says Dominik Tarczyński.

In the Woronicza 17 program, Dominik Tarczyński also refers to Victory Day which is celebrated today. On May 8, 1945, World War II in Europe ended. The PiS MP said that for Poland the end date of this war had nothing to do with reality.

– The last damned soldier was killed in 1963. The fact that Hitler was killed doesn’t matter. There were other invaders, and I totally disagree that the Soviets had moral values. They don’t deserve to talk about being on the right side of the bridge, he said.

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