Doping-convicted Austrians sign up for Vasaloppet – it’s doubtful whether they’ll even start

MALBORGHETTO (VG) On Tuesday, the doping suspensions of Austrian cross-country duo Max Hauke ​​​​and Dominik Baldauf were completed. Both are registered for Vasaloppet, but it is doubtful whether they will go.

BACK: Max Hauke​​(tv) and Dominik Baldauf during the World Ski Championships at home in Seefeld in February 2019 – before they were caught doping.

Before who reported that both were registered for “Nattvasan 90” – the touring version of Vasaloppet in Sweden.

However, Hauke ​​informs Express that he would not start due to illness.

– I hope to do it next year with Dominik instead, but I want to be clear that I have no plans to actually return to the World Cup or any kind of professional racing. “I just want to run smaller races for fun,” he told the Swedish newspaper.

Hauke​​and Baldauf were banned for four years after they were caught doping in February 2019. The sentences ended on Tuesday 28 February 2022.

Simen Hegstad Kruger, WC gold winner on Friday 30 kilometers with a ski change, the following was said about the possible return of Hauke ​​​​and Baldauf at a press conference on Tuesday.

– As if they had carried out the sentence. When the punishment is like that, we have to accept it. Even if there are no athletes you want to support, we have to accept it, said

See what Thomas Alsgaard had to say about Hauke’s doping videos in 2019:

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