During mass, Pope Francis thanked him for prayers for his health

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Vatican City – Today, the day after being released from the hospital, Pope Francis attended Palm Sunday Mass. In a packed St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican, he thanked the faithful for their participation and prayed for his recovery. Foreign agent inform about it. Mass begins what is called Holy Week and the Easter rites. The Vatican is broadcasting it live.

“I greet all of you, citizens of Rome and pilgrims, and especially those who have come from afar. Thank you for your participation and prayers, which have intensified again in the past few days. Thank you very much,” said the 86-year-old man. old head of the Catholic Church. According to the Reuters news agency, there were 60,000 people in the square, the Pope briefly greeting some of them on arrival.

Pope Francis had just left Rome’s Gemelli hospital on Saturday morning, where he was being treated for bronchitis. He was taken to hospital on Wednesday complaining of breathing problems.

At today’s mass, there are hundreds of priests holding olive or palm fronds in their hands. A sprig of green plant was also brought by the audience. The Pope blessed them all, reported ANSA. According to Reuters, he spoke in a calm but clear voice during Mass.

Easter, the most important holiday in the Catholic church calendar, will be a test of the pope’s health. According to the Holy See, Francis will officiate all services, but the cardinals will take over that part of the mass at the altar which requires standing. According to the Vatican, this decision was made before the Pope was recently hospitalized due to difficulty walking.

In recent years, the pope has had intestinal surgery and has also had problems with his knee. Because of this, he recently used a wheelchair. Francis has previously stated that he would resign from the see of St. Peter’s if his health did not allow him to carry out his mandate.

Pope Francis has been the head of the Catholic Church for ten years, and he is accompanied by health workers on all his travels. When he was 21, he had pleurisy and lost part of a lung, writes AFP.

The Vatican welcomes the Easter Pope

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