Education, Medicine / Health | UN: Pandemic has serious impact on education

According to estimates in a new report from the World Bank, Unicef ​​and Unesco, students worldwide will lose $17 trillion in future income. UN agencies warn that the crisis has worsened since 2020.

In the same calculation from last year, the figure is ten thousand billion dollars.

– School systems around the world have been brought to a standstill due to the pandemic. 21 months later, schools are still closed to millions of children. Some of them will never be allowed back into school, said Jamie Saavedra, the World Bank’s head of global education.

But not everyone gets hit hard. The report shows that children from poor backgrounds and children with developmental disabilities have less access to tools that can be used for home schooling or other forms of distance education. Younger students were also beaten harder.

According to the report, girls have a worse starting point for homeschooling than boys. They also experience higher education losses overall.

While governments around the world have implemented schemes to stimulate their economies to counter the effects of the pandemic, less than 3 percent of these funds are used for education. More than 200 million students live in countries that do not have the funds to offer distance learning in all subjects.


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