Election 2023 | CONTEXT: Paul is selected young. As a respectful president and is a political scientist

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According to Pink, the decision was made within the first fifteen minutes to stop voting due to the name of the first village standing. Babi makes a big fuss about NATO in a debate on Czech television. When we look back, before the first round, Ethyl was sneaky on the other hand, vt (debate) slowly grew and the peak of support reached the third day (period) between the wheels, to Pink

Michael Pink

Political scientist. He is interested in electoral issues and election geography, voter behavior, and their perceptions of the electoral system.

He teaches at the Faculty of Social Sciences at Masaryk University in Brno.

In that debate, he was in a situation where he did not stick to his position and when he questioned our commitment to the allies, the first major turning point occurred, said a political scientist from Masaryk University, who also blamed his two-week absence from the polls, when he repositioned it to the front wall, above the crown jewels.

This cast a reluctant and undecided vote against Babi, and we achieved the highest electoral results in 25 years. PM Danue Nerudov’s support also contributed to this. This is something that touches on the conditions of the unmarried Czech, Pink values.

What does this mean for the YES movement? It turns out that Andrej Babi has broad and intensive support in certain segments, to Pink and to the question whether 2.4 million votes pave the way for him to return to the post of prime minister, the answer is a path to parliamentary elections. long and bad about what Babi wants and what about massive support.

According to Pink, not even the ANO movement ousted Babie, despite the Moravian-Silesian governor Ivo Vondrek and the mayor of Ostrava, Tom Macura, rebelling. Without Baba, the movement would not exist, and these political groups probably would not exist.

The late Petr Pavel proved that the impulsive Andrej Babi would be a perfect match. Pavel will have to work on filling the constitutional court and find a new member of the bank’s board. He will consult with experts on candidates for positions that must pass Senta’s vote. During the campaign, she promised respect in the DPR, unlike President Zeman, who interpreted the situation in his own way, imagine Pink.

Will the ruling party power go to hell after Pavel’s accession? How do the media and potential candidates benefit from multiple debates? What does Milo Zeman have planned for us and what will he leave behind? Listen to the Context podcast to find out more!

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