Forbidden color. In Russia, clothes and cars are sold, and even a department store is in trouble

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Famous Russian TV presenter and propagandist Oljga Skabeeva wanted to wish her fans on the Telegram social network a happy spring in the first half of May, but she underestimated the choice of colors. The photo he posted features blue and yellow flowers.

But the picture disappeared from his channel later that day. Dressed in a wreath in Ukraine’s national colours, Skabaeva generated such waves of anger, or at best, ridicule, that she preferred to delete the photo without comment.

In recent weeks, this is one of many cases documenting the outrage that the emergence of blue and yellow has engendered in some Russians. The authorities or the police handle charges based on clothing, the color of the fence, the roof of the barn, or even hair.

On the eve of Victory Day on May 9, the principal of the Siberian city of Pyť-Yakh called the police to find out the mother of a student who had come in with blue and yellow-green braids. In addition, it has a sheared yin-yang symbol, which the director considers to be the symbol of the Ukrainian Azov Military Regiment.

According to the news channel, the student’s mother is Base very surprised, but he still had to explain his color choice to the juvenile officer.

More reports were reported on the holiday itself. Police in Moscow provided a Hindu man dressed in blue and yellow. The prisoners were compounded by the fact that they found a book containing vegan recipes, which also included Ukrainian cuisine. Her “defective” clothes were confiscated, so she had to sit in the cell in only her underwear until acquaintances brought her a change of clothes.

Photo: Database/repro photo, news list

The mother of a student from Siberia was reported by the principal because of the braids.

A similar case occurred in the village of Filimonki near Moscow, where a cleaner at a local psychiatric clinic was arrested for coming to work wearing a blue and yellow jacket. According to channel information Shot residents of an adjacent elderly sanatorium called the police. An administrative violation record was made against the man and he was summoned to court.

In the Leningrad region, a resident reported a farmer from the village of Chamontovo because of the blue and yellow thatched roofs. One “sober” neighbor even filmed the suspicious object videos. However, when the officers who were called came, it turned out that there was an accident. The original yellow tent cloth had been torn apart, so the farmer partially covered it with another tarp which happened to be blue, which he had. It said there was no provocation to “special operations” in Ukraine.

He was at St. Petersburg reported apartment owner to hang the Ukrainian flag. But the balloons turned out to be blue and yellow. The owner put him down anyway after talking to law enforcement.

The Russian media didn’t know what to say

An examination of the pro-Kremlin editorial mood in Russia shows how initial enthusiasm gradually gave way to resignation to failure.

The absurdity of some of these accusations prompted one of Russia’s lawmakers, State Duma Deputy Speaker Vladislav Davankov, to publicly ask the Interior Ministry to state that the use of blue and yellow is not a reason for detention or punishment.

“If we keep doing this, there will soon be an uproar in Russia, hundreds of brands will have to be closed because of the yellow-and-blue logo, and at least one political party, the Liberal Democratic Party, will be banned.” stated Member of parliament from the smaller New People political party.

However, apparently he was not listened to, because reports and complaints against the blue-and-yellow “provocateurs” kept appearing.

For example, representatives of the Lenta network complained at a recent meeting of department store representatives with the deputy governor of St. Petersburg. Petersburg that customers sometimes mistake the colors for the company’s traditional blue and yellow.

“For more than a year, we have been living in a situation where every day we receive angry requests from customers, including through the presidential administration, to repaint our stores,” the St. Petersburg portal says. Petersburg quoted the manager’s words.

The problem isn’t just blue and yellow. There is also a penalty for displaying the tricolor in a combination of white, blue and white. He expressed his disapproval of the war in Ukraine and at the same time opposed President Vladimir Putin. Flags of these colors appeared at anti-war rallies staged by Russia abroad, but were also used by Russian legions fighting on the side of Ukraine.

This week, a teacher from Moscow ended up in a detention center with police officers have found the color combination specified on the vehicle number plate. The original red underscore of the Russian flag is smeared with white – so the flag looks like white-blue-white.

Photo: RIA Novosti/repro photo, news list

Russian flag with white underline on the license plate of the detained woman’s car.

Paradoxically, while searching the car in the parking lot, the police also detained another female driver who was asked to be assisted as a witness. His car also doesn’t have the red stripe on the Russian flag.

The sixty-five year old woman argued in vain that she had done nothing to the color on the sign, that the red had faded and the red on the back of her car was fine. The police had no mercy for the driver, they took him to the department and wrote a report on the propaganda of extremist symbols.

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