Former Russian president on rocket explosion in Przewodowo. “This only proves one thing” – Wprost

In Przewodów, in the district of Hrubieszów, a Russian-made missile crashed, resulting in the death of two Poles. Dmitry Medvedev referred to the problem. “The history of Ukrainian “missile attacks” on Polish farms proves only one thing: a hybrid war between the West and Russia increases the probability of a world war,” the former Russian president said on social media.

Russia stated that “information about the impact of Russian missiles on Poland is a deliberate provocation aimed at escalating the situation.” The Russian Defense Ministry also assured that “photos showing missile fragments published by Polish media have nothing to do with Russian weapons.” It also noted that “no attacks were carried out by means of destruction against targets near the Ukrainian-Polish state border.”

A Russian-made missile crashed on Przewodowo. The former president of Russia reacted

After the rocket hit Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau summoned the Russian ambassador and demanded an immediate detailed explanation. The details of the meeting were disclosed by a spokesman for the Polish diplomacy Luke Jassin in an interview with TVP Info. Sergei Andreyev’s visit lasted several minutes.

– It was a very short conversation, devoid of any courtesy, courtesy, not even an exchange of hands. It lasts four minutes. The minister gave the ambassador a diplomatic note describing the situation and our views on the matter. The Ambassador took note of this and left the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jasina commented.

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