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On Friday Przemysaw Czarnek, Minister of Education and Science he visited the Lublin region, where in Kozłówka he took part in the Meet Poland Bike Tour.

– Today’s bicycle rally is a peace rally with the participation of children and youth, incl. of the Kamionka commune. In total, about 80 Polish children and 40 Ukrainian children, which we are very happy about – he emphasized.

– We start from Kozłówka, from a beautiful place in the Lublin region, from the Zamoyski Palace, a beautiful museum. In this way, we want to pay off the debts of young people who are functioning well in these new, challenging times, together with their Ukrainian counterparts – he said.

“Referring to tradition”

According to the director of the museum in Kozłówka, Anna Fic-Lazor, the inauguration of the bicycle rally draws on local pre-war sporting traditions.

– I’m glad this sport is being held in Kozłówka. This is a reference to a sporting tradition from before the times World War II. The Sokół Gymnastics Society operates here, and it is known that the motto of this society is and is a call to “a healthy soul in a healthy body”, he said.

Chief Inspector of Road Transport Appeal

Alternately, the Chief Inspector of Road Transport who was present at the beginning of the demonstration Alvin Gajadhur calls for compliance with road traffic regulations.

– I’m glad bicycles are becoming more and more popular with kids and teens. However, as the holidays draw near, many adults and children will be cycling. That’s why it’s important to check the condition of the bike and its accessories when cycling like that – he reminds us.

He stressed that during night travel, reflectors are important, as they make cyclists more visible to drivers.

Let us respect each other, both pedestrians, cyclists and drivers, because this concerns our common safety. cyclist they should follow bike paths, don’t go too fast, don’t cross pedestrian paths, he said, adding that drivers should keep a sufficient distance when overtaking cyclists on the road, “so that we can all safely spend our free time and relax.”

00:21 11795667_2.mp3 Alvin Gajadhur: We urge you to obey the Traffic Law (IAR)

The route of the rally is 24 kilometers, in the end a bonfire for the participants is planned at the Sound Park in Dąbrówka.

00:19 11795667_1.mp3 Przemysław Czanek: we want to pay off the debts of young people who are functioning well together with their Ukrainian counterparts (IAR)

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