Gjert Ingebrigtsen defends his son: – Jakob is always right

On Monday night, Jakob Ingebrigtsen made it easily to the semi-finals of the 1,500 meters at the European Championships, which takes place in Munich today.

Tuesday at 21.00 he was ready to start the final 5000 meter run.

Then, as usual, only gold was enough for the Sandnes boy.

In an interview with Television 2 defending father and former coach Gjert Ingebrigtsen his son’s high demands on himself, but at the same time warning people not to take his son’s statement out of context.

Mentioning Jakob critique of humor

– It’s terrible! Frustration! Ingebrigtsen told NTB after he won silver in the 1500 meters in Eugene on 20 July.

This created a reaction among Norwegians, which Gjert’s father called humor.

– The fact that the pundits on social media can’t step into Jakob’s world and understand his statement is humorous.

– Jakob is always right, the way he sees the world. But from your point of view, and to the people behind the keyboard, it seems pretty far-fetched. Because people don’t manage to understand the context, he added.

No dialogue between Gjert and Jakob during EC

Gjert explains that his son is extreme, but at the same time calls him dedicated and professional and believes that he should believe that he himself is responsible if something doesn’t go according to plan.

Jakob, on the other hand, had to hear about the bragging from dad afterward.

After breaking up with his father, who coached earlier this year, he told a digital press conference before EC that he and his father would not have dialogue with Gjert during the championship.

– I’m not there to have a dialogue with anyone. I’m there to run. The only dialogue I have is with myself, Ingebrigtsen told a news conference.

In any case, Gjert was present at the stadium in Munich to see his youngest runner son try to defend his European Championship gold in the 1,500 meters and 5,000 meters.

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