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GKS Tychy defeated the “youth team” from Śląsk Wrocław and won their third match in a row 2:1.

If anyone wants, they can say that GKS Tychy, who is preparing for the first league season, beat the rest of the Eksklasa players and after Wednesday’s 1-0 win over Radomiak won 2-1 with Śląsk Wrocław. However, if one wants to draw conclusions about the strength of Dariusz Banasik’s team, one has to make adjustments to the composition of the Wrocław team.

Schwarz broke the average

Jacek Magiera for Saturday morning sparring, taking to the field at Oporowska Street, setting up the reserves – or rather the youth team. The average age of the starting eleven is 20 years, and the only person who “spoiled” the statistics turned out to be 31-year-old Petr Schwarz. He is the only “military” who can speak of many experiences. In Poland’s top flight, playing since 2018, he has made 117 appearances, 25 of them last season. Others have resumed in their football top-class episodes in previous competitions or matches at lower grades or even just in the Central Junior League, such as Stanisław Szczyrek.

Across these youth teams, and most even youth teams, there are teams with clear objectives. This time around, Tychy’s training staff were surprised “only” by the setup, as Adrian Kostrzewski was faced with a three-man centre-back block, with the stopwatch tested. In the second row there are four, and three attackers. It is not surprising that immediately after the first whistle the offensively formed “tricolors” went on the offensive and already in the 11th minute they achieved their goal. Starting the action with a throw-in made at centerline height on the left side of the court, Tychy’s player moved the ball to the right. Krzysztof Machowski and Przemysław Mystkowski showcased their technical expertise there.

A slap from a teenager

The first takes a difficult ball to his chest and continues to play it. The second played on the heels and Machowski, like a pure right winger, went on the attack. In addition, he remained calm, because at the end of the rally he played along Patryk Mikita’s goal. All he had to do was complete the formalities.

Tychy’s delight from taking the lead lasted just 13 minutes, and the equalizer showed a lack of concentration. After the referee whistled for a free kick 25 meters from the GKS goal, the midfielders led by Mateusz Radecki committed fouls, and the defenders came to the referee with pretensions. Meanwhile, Adrian Bukowski played fast for Patryk Szwedzik. Before the opponents realized that the ball was in play, the 21-year-old striker, acquired in winter from GKS Katowice, took advantage of the situation alone.

Annoyed by the “slapping” of the young players, the inhabitants of Tychy attacked by pressing and using the gift. Schwarz carelessly and decisively passed the goal to Kacper Trelowski. The on-loan goalkeeper from Raków hit the ball with his foot directly to Mystkowski. In the 35th minute, he easily made an accurate shot from 10 meters and scored.

For the rest of the game, although both teams made many changes, neither team managed to score. However, coaches still get a lot of material for analysis …

In the photo: Przemysław Mystkowski was involved in both goals scored by GKS Tychy.
Photo. Lukasz Sobala/PressFocus

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