I have to be patient. Ledeck after surgery, season over and in the new year

Ledeck first published an update on his health Monday through the press.

If he is healthy, he will go to Lake Louise for the thorn thorn match and the following wrestling match. Downhills on Friday and Saturday, super-G on Sunday.

Only at the first sharp corner of the season should he try.

In late June, when he accepted the award for the Army Athlete of the Year poll, he spoke of his summer knee fracture: I didn’t have a green blanket on the mountain, but I knew we could make it to Lake Louise.

He didn’t have time to fill the bag of complicated injuries, so after consulting Austrian coach and physio therapist Pavel Kol, he postponed the start of the season and last week in Innsbruck he underwent another surgical procedure.

Thanks to Dr. Sperner from the Kettenbrcke Clinic in Innsbruck and Robert Trenkwalder from Red Bull for helpful tips. I will do my best to be able to move at full strength in the fifth year, he said.

Eyes are on the World Championships: the downhill championships in Courchevel and Mribel in France will start on November 6, snowboarders will fight for medals two weeks later in Bakuriani, Georgia.

I have to be patient. Rub my fist, and everything heals as best I can, says the two-time world champion in snowboarding and leader of the World Championships in downhill skiing.

Confusion about injuries and conjecture about contracts

His health condition has been, and according to reports, a lot of darkness in recent months, Ledecky does not like information getting into the public domain.

In Norway at the Olympic Games in Beijing, he suffered an unspecified lower body injury.

Over the years, it appeared at first that he had suffered a broken nose, but it became clear that he had broken his collarbone.

Esther Ledeck

He also ended his partnership with agency Sport Invest, and it’s hardly known what fueled the speculation.

To date, he has managed to make his only public appearance prior to the season’s arrest at the Army Athlete of the Year announcement, where he was questioned about his health condition.

Do you still have to talk about injuries? I don’t want to talk about it too much. Don’t be angry, but the newspapers will be full of it. I want to make sure that everyone is dark in Lake Louise. I hope you are interested, he answered one of the questions.

Besides, I haven’t signed a representative contract with the union yet. The two sides argued over marketing principles, but Ledecky courted me even without it.

We have information from his team that is similar to what was in the latest press release, said Ladislav Forejtek on Monday at the Alpine Discipline Meeting. We communicated about finalizing the contract, both parties were very honest and constructive, right now Esther’s recovery is a priority.

Prior to the season, Ledeck also made significant changes to his materials and clothing. From Atomic lych to the Kstle brand, he hired a distinguished warrior Guntram Mathis from Austria.

No one will get a chance to try all the new products in a sharp fall, he will have to fill his bones.

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