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On Thursday, the Sejm decided to change the date choice local government. The SKPD term will be extended until 30 April 2024. 231 MPs voted for the bill, 209 against it, and one independent member abstained from voting.

The parliamentary bill on extending the terms of office of local government units and the amendments to the Electoral Code Act concern changing the dates for local government elections, namely the elections to the commune council, political council, voivodeship assembly, district council of the capital of Warsaw and elections to the head of the commune, mayor and city president, with extended the term of office of local governments until April 30, 2024.

According to the draft, the Prime Minister must announce an election date between 30 December 2023 and 30 January 2024, after consultation with the National Electoral Commission. Paweł Hreniak, MP from Law and Justice, presented the project on Wednesday at the Sejm.

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What fate awaits the local government if PiS wins the 2023 elections?

Deputy PiS noted that the proposed amendments calendar the election, on the one hand, assumes the earliest date after winter – so that the election campaign can be carried out in early spring, and on the other hand – does not impose it on the election to from the European Parliament. He added that the biggest problem could be problems related to running the campaign.

The Sejm adopted a bill extending the term of office of local governments

Prior to the vote, Jacek Protas of the Civic Coalition filed a formal motion to postpone the meeting. He asked for a pause so that – as he put it – “President Kaczyński or someone authorized by him will make it clear to the Poles who and for what purpose came up with the disgraceful idea of ​​postponing the election of the local government.”

An opposition representative described the project as a “political decision”. He recalled that when PiS changed the election code four years ago, it proved that the coincidence of the dates for regional head elections and parliamentary elections did not interfere with anything.

Today you proved that the six week gap between parliamentary and local government elections is not enough. And the same six weeks between the local elections and the European Parliament election are okay. This is an outrageous decision, a political decision. Again, you set up the selection date for your needs

Prota said. Łukasz Schreiber, representative of the ruling coalition, responded saying that “it is good that the left of the room resembles that action, thanks to the number of invalid votes which decreased several times, unlike in 2014”.

It’s a nice design and will keep things tidy

– MP PiS finished his argument.

Local government elections are scheduled for the fall of 2023 – due in 2018 the term of office for local governments was extended from four to five years. The constitutional deadline is in the fall of next year parliamentary electionsin the spring of 2024 – to the European Parliament.

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