Invasion of Ukraine: Russian convoy near Kiev barely moving

A video of the convoy being attacked with intercepted calls by the Russian commander went viral on social networks. Bellingcat’s investigation server confirmed its authenticity. Near Brovar, 30 km northeast of Kiev, the Ukrainians stormed the ranks of the invaders.

The montage shows how the convoy is trying to regroup, shots of some of the Russian armor whipping up … It’s clear that some of the cars left the crew. Finally, thirty tanks and artillery retreated.

“Many losses. They are waiting for us. The front of the convoy fell into a trap. The regiment commander died in action,” according to Thomas Bllingtoft in intercepted communications. “We were shelled by tanks and artillery. Drones, maybe Bayraktar. I added more losses.”

The commander who died was Colonel Andrei Zacharov, as reported by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense Daily mail.

“The attack was carried out according to the tactics textbook: Attack the armed vehicle first and then the end of the column,” Alt Popescu comments on Twitter. “It will cause chaos: Progress and regress are cut off. Vehicles in the middle are immobile and easily destroyed.”

Column raided here:

Safe in deployment

The British Ministry also stated that Russia sends targets to attack Ukraine, despite previous public guarantees from the president Vladimir Putinait didn’t happen. As losses increase, Putin will be forced to replace fallen soldiers with other members of the Russian armed forces or other sources.

The Russian secret service didn’t seem to be doing a good job before the invasion. Putin looks very dissatisfied with the FSB in Ukraine: He attacks the 5th FSB service in charge of foreign intelligence. Sergei Beseda, the head of the service, and his deputy Boluch are under house arrest, telling my inside sources, “ tweeted Andrej Soldatov, editor of the portal.

“That was our only concern at the time. Beseda and Boluch were at the very top.” added Christo Grozev, head of investigative portal Bellingcat. “The discussion is really responsible for intelligence from Ukraine = people who mistook Putin about Ukraine’s readiness to ‘welcome the liberators’. Boluch is also responsible for misinformation.”

In the south, “special operations” went more smoothly. President Volodymyr Zelensky expected the bombing of Odessa to be immediate. The course and outcome of such a battle will significantly affect not only Russia and Ukraine, but also the security situation throughout the Black Sea. Read more HERE >>>

The Russian army was not prepared for an invasion and faced many difficulties on the spot, said French army spokesman Pascal Ianni. “Especially in logistics and intelligence. Russian soldiers imprisoned in early spring, “ remember the melt and mud on France2 television. “It is possible that an attack on Kyiv will occur in the next few days, but to really take control of Kyiv is something else and it will take a very, very long time.”

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The BBC notes that according to previous estimates, 5,000 Russian soldiers have died. The latest Ukrainian army says that Russia has lost nearly 12,000 troops in the invasion, although it is not entirely clear whether they died or were injured and became prisoners. According to the US secret service, 2,000 to 4,000 Russian soldiers died in the fighting in Ukraine.

Moscow does not comment on its losses on a regular basis. Some time ago, it claimed about 500 killed and 1,600 soldiers injured. Data cannot be independently verified.

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