It is open to Ukraine to cede territory in exchange for NATO membership

ARENDAL (VG) NATO Chief of Staff, Stian Jenssen, suggested that Ukraine might gain NATO membership in exchange for ceding some of its territory to Russia, and this might be part of an end to the war in Ukraine.


– I think the solution is for Ukraine to give up its territory and get NATO membership in return, Jenssen said during a panel debate in Arendal on Tuesday morning.

Stian Jenssen is chief of staff to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in Brussels. Stoltenberg himself was not prepared to discuss possible solutions for Ukraine after the Russian invasion.

The Secretary General has consistently said that Ukraine must decide on the timing and terms of negotiations with Russia to end the occupation.

Now, Stoltenberg’s closest NATO collaborator says we have to think about what the security situation will be like in Ukraine after the war ends.

– It is important for us to discuss how to overcome this, Jenssen said in a conversation about Ukraine’s future membership in NATO, following a summit in Vilnius this summer.

He also clarified, as Stoltenberg said previously:

– Ukraine must decide when and on what terms they want to negotiate.


After major internal disputes, the top leaders of NATO countries gathered to formulate a formula that Ukraine’s membership invitation would take place “when the allied countries agree to it, and the conditions are met”.

– There is significant movement on the question of future NATO membership for Ukraine. It is in everyone’s interest that the war does not happen again, Jenssen said.

– Russia is experiencing enormous military difficulties, and it seems unrealistic that they can seize new territories. Now the question is what Ukraine managed to take back, he added.

When asked by VG whether NATO was of the view that Ukraine should give up its land in order to achieve peace with Russia and future NATO membership, Jenssen stated that discussions about possible status after the war were already underway, and the question of handing over territory to Ukraine had been ongoing. Russia was raised by other people.

– I didn’t say it has to be like this. But that might be the solution, Jenssen replied.


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