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We are facing many very contradictory signals regarding German policy regarding the war in Ukraine – said Paweł Jabłoński, deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in an interview with wpolityce.pl. He added that a change in German policy would be good news for stability in Europe.

“Germany’s stance on Russia’s attack on Ukraine and supporting Russia through economic, energy and political relations on the German-Russian axis is something of great importance,” said the deputy minister, quoted on Friday by the portal.

In an interview with the portal, Jabłoński judged that “if Germany really turns in the right direction, it will be good news for security and stability throughout Europe.” “The question is to what extent this shift in German politics is really being made, and to what extent is this just a declaration” – he saves.

According to Jabłoński, “we are facing a lot of very contradictory signals in terms of German policy.” “As recently as last weekend, the situation when German police confiscated Ukrainian flags on the streets of Berlin occurred,” he recalls.

“From our point of view, it would be very good if all European countries were further involved on the side of Ukraine and we are working very hard on that diplomatically,” assured the deputy head of the Foreign Ministry.

He added, “the work that the Polish government, diplomacy and other Polish state institutions have been doing for weeks, will also have an impact on the fact that the restoration of Polish-Ukrainian relations will not only be temporary and will also translate into stronger economic and political relations.” closer, relations between countries, nations, which have always been the basis of economic relations”.

“I am sure that the work we are doing around the clock will have a very positive effect and we are not afraid that we will be sidelined,” stressed the deputy head of the foreign ministry.

According to him, “Ukraine is well aware of the important role that Poland plays in supporting it and this will translate into very close relations not only in the short term, but also in the long term”. (PAP)

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