Lavrov spoke about the culture shock he experienced in Sweden. “That’s inhumane.” It’s about the toilets [WIDEO] | World News

Belarusian news portal Next posted on his social media a recording with a brief speech by the boss MFA Russia Sergey Lavrov. In a speech Wednesday on the Primakov Readings forum, the politician recalled the shock he experienced time in Sweden.

Sergey Lavrov recalled the culture shock he experienced during the OSCE Summit in Sweden

Lavrov recalled last year’s visit to Sweden, which took place at a summit of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe. – If this gender gap, which is now over 80 (gender) in Europe and the UK… If this is what I see in Sweden […] Sorry for the details, but during the break I asked where the toilet was. i was shown door marked with the letters “WC”. I asked, “Is this for women or men?” They replied, “We have everything in common.” I can’t believe it, but it really happened. You have no idea how inhuman it is, what an inhumane thing it is, said Lavrov.

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Lavrov without a visa to the OSCE meeting in Lodz

The aim of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe is to prevent conflict from arising in Europe. For a year, the OSCE chairperson’s function is held by the foreign minister of a neighboring country. Last year it was Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde; this year chaired by the Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Poland Zbigniew Rau.

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– This year was very difficult because it was not possible to get a consensus among the participating countries. We didn’t get a consensus because one of these countries — Russia – by committing aggression against Ukraine, he has also decided to paralyze most of the Organization’s activities – said Rau before the meeting of the OSCE Council of Ministers, which took place on December 1 and 2 in Lodz.

Sergei Lavrov did not attend the meeting because Poland refused to grant him a visa.

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