Monument maintenance report 2/2021 – National Monument Institute

In this issue, preservation reports focus on historical preservation in the second half of the 19th century afterearly 20th century and current assessment.

Here, readers will find contributions from the conference “František Schmoranz the elder (1814–1902): architects, builders and preservers”, which took place in November 2020. An introductory contribution by Ivo Šulce introduces the current state of knowledge of the Schmoranz family from Slatiňa. Two other contributions by Vojtěch Barcal and Kristýna and Jan Uhlík are devoted to the work of František Schmoranz St. in Vysoké Mýto, both for the monuments it restored and rebuilt in pure spirit (for example, the church of St. Lawrence) and for its own architectural masterpieces. The magazine also follows a wider link: Milan Němeček’s studies approach the work of the eldest son of the family’s founder, František Schmoranz the Younger, who was successful in Palestine and Egypt, among other things. Jan Galeta’s article on contemporary practice in Moravská Ostrava and Jana Marešová’s article on the work of Schwarzenberg architect Jan Sedláček offer insights into contemporary architectural creations and preservation practices in other regions outside Prague. Marek Krejčí’s study is dedicated to the Úck conservator corpsStthe usual commission on the part of the Austrian monarchy. In addition to Schmoranz’s theme, readers will also find another Pavla Cenková article on Brno architecture, this time focusing on Dolnopolní street. Jiří Juchelka and Ondřej Klápa tackled field identification of World War II activities using non-destructive archaeological methods.

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