More people need to realize that football is not a TV program

Stabæk supporters during the Obos league game against Brann at this year’s Nadderud stadium.

Norwegians are too busy with foreign football. Instead, turn up and support your local soccer team.

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It’s been a good season so far for Norwegian football. I feel there is increased interest and commitment around Eliteserien and the Obos league. After fans across the country had to struggle with closures and restrictions, we were finally back in the stands.

Nonetheless, it is still foreign football that is talked about in schools, workplaces and local pubs. Unfortunately, Norwegian football often ends up in the shadows of the media, but also in the daily lives of football fans.

Something has to be done about this.


The fact that English football is so popular has a lot to do with the quality of the game. Yes, of course it’s faster and of better quality, but why is it so important?

Football is about emotion and togetherness, and about shared passion and pain. As a Stabæk supporter, I didn’t go to Nadderud to study football or watch a good game. You can’t do it the same way on the stands as on the couch. I travel to meet friends, talk about football, share feelings and watch the football we love so much.

It’s always been a habit for me to go to Stabæk games. This sense of belonging has brought me so much joy, but also so much sadness.

Sofa supporters may say they feel a connection to their team in England, but it is simply in comparison. Experiencing the ups and downs of football in the stadium with friends is a feeling that cannot be described.

Football is best experienced in the stands, so one has to get off the couch and into the stadium. If you say you love soccer but sit on the couch every weekend watching TV, you haven’t experienced that feeling.

Your team needs you

Appearing in the stadium regardless of the opponent is the basis for creating a good culture. The team you support is the same regardless of whether it’s a local game, a top flight game or the first round of a cup.

Some games are more important than others, but the team still needs you. Whether you sing until you’re hoarse, wave a flag until you’re hoarse or just be there, players will get the support they need to perform.

The players were also just ordinary people. They need support and feedback to get motivated.

If you’re sitting on the couch and complaining, you haven’t done your best to make them show up. You have responsibility for your team.

Many supporters need to wake up and realize that football is not a TV program. Football is much more than just a game.

It’s about supporting your local team. Always. Pay no heed!

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