New details about Haaland’s visit

On Tuesday night, Norway picked up its first win in EC qualifiers against Cyprus. In the end, the result was 3-1, and Erling Braut Haaland contributed two goals.

Norway’s biggest national team profiles turn up their noses at one of Oslo’s many kebab shops after the game, particularly the cafe bar Tåsen.

He brought in his team-mates Martin Ødegaard, Sander Berge and Stefan Strandberg long after closing time for a “Jumbo mix” meal, with chicken and kebabs.

THUMBS UP: Stefan Strandberg (former), Martin Ødegaard, Erling Braut Haaland and Sander Berge enjoyed kebabs on Wednesday night. Photo: Jaskiret Singh Bal
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VG mentioned the problem first.

New details of the visit

– Absolutely raw to be visited by four stars. The fact that Haaland and the boys came to us and had kebabs after the game is good. And it’s amazing how humble they are, says Jaskiret Singh Bal at the Tåsen to Dagbladet cafe.

– It can’t get any bigger than that for us. We actually close at 9pm, but when I was asked about staying open after the game for them, the answer was a resounding yes, continued Jaskiret.

- Clicked at an angle

– Clicked at an angle

He said that the four national team boys came to the hut around midnight and stayed for about an hour.

– Several newspapers have written about the visit you received on Wednesday. Is there anything you haven’t told them about?

NIGHT DREAMS: .  Jaskiret general manager Sigh Bal extended opening hours for the men's national team.  Photo: Bjørn Langsem / Dagbladet

NIGHT DREAMS: . Jaskiret general manager Sigh Bal extended opening hours for the men’s national team. Photo: Bjørn Langsem / Dagbladet
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Jaskiret thought a bit before saying:

– They were dropped outside by the driver, and then I think they were picked up by the same person. They also brought “to go” food for two other people. I guess that’s for two teammates, said Jskiret.

– Night dreams

He said that the visit was very enjoyable, and all the players let the staff take pictures with them. He was surprised at how polite the soccer stars were.

Thousands of fans met City’s players in their triumphal march through the streets of Manchester. Then Erling Braut Haaland stole the show. Reporter: Marte Nyløkken Helseth / Dagbladet.
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– My youngest son plays soccer and I can come and meet him. For a 17 year old it was great to meet the boys, especially Haaland. It was a real dream night.

Jaskiret also said that a video was made on the spot, in which a nice message was sent to friends.

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