“New” Favorite Škoda, extending the Tatra T613 and pulling the electric handle while driving – Week in the Garage

We occasionally hear about the miraculous find of a “forgotten” car, but finding a practically new Škoda Favorite in Greece, still with the plastic on the seats and the 34-kilometer odometer, was simply incredible for us. And that’s not the end of the story, the car was won in an auction by competitor Jiří Mičánek Jr. and brought him back to his native Bohemia! Can you guess how much money he spent on this treasure? You can find the answer in our article.

Photo: Skoda Auto

After 30 years of production, the seats are still wrapped in plastic and the mileage is 34 kilometers? Well, this is a truly amazing find!

Another Czech specialty is the extended version of the legendary Tatra T613, which boasts an incredible number of technical tweaks and luxury equipment including not only leather and wood finishes, but also television or video – and please, already in 1995! Soon after, the T700 was introduced and… we continued to find out how the story developed and how sad it ended.

Photo: Luke Kukla

Mi Long M95 version T613-4 is one of the most luxurious versions of its time.

But now from another barrel, from a barrel of pleasure: Have you ever wondered what would happen if you “pulled” the electromechanical parking brake while driving? And what if the road is also wet? With classic manual levers, you can get the rear wheels to skid this way, but what about electric ones? You don’t have to risk it, we tested it for you in a safe polygon environment!

This week we tested the new Peugeot 408 crossover, which suffers from a bit of a personality crisis, but does not detract from its beauty, and the Renault Austral SUV, from which the brand has high expectations, we drove a used Opel Astra generation K, which is not the scarecrow it seems. said about him. For the first time, we get behind the wheel of the modern electric Volvo XC40 and C40 Recharge models, which switch from front-wheel drive to rear-wheel drive, and we also get to touch the massive Volvo EX90 SUV for the first time. and hot news from Volkswagen – the modernized ID.3, new ID.7 and Amarok.

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