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This was confirmed by NRK on Wednesday.

According to Trannel, the NFF is demanding up to three million kroner, but the NFF has neither confirmed nor denied the amount.

This conflict has its roots in so-called Instagram stories from March 24 last year. Unibet, which is owned by Trannel, posted a photo of Martin degaard and Erling Braut Haaland in national team uniforms.

Norway opens their World Cup qualifying away match against Gibraltar on the same day. In the picture, there must be text mentioning the upcoming Norway match.

The parties do not want to share the relevant image.

This is how the NFF justified the lawsuit

According to Trannel, the image is owned by the international image agency Getty Images. The game company believes the use is legal because the license “allows use on social media if the use is in the public interest”.

At the same time, Getty Images also has limitations on editorial images, including those related to use in advertising and commercial contexts.

As is known, Norsk Tipping is the main sponsor of the NFF. The national team star has been used in many campaigns and advertisements for Norsk Tipping.

Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB

Tomas ivind Kristensen of the law firm Kleven & Kristensen is representing the NFF in this case.

«NFF has filed a lawsuit against Unibet/Trannel on the grounds that Unibet, according to NFF, has abused national team players in advertising Unibet/Unibet game products», Kristensen wrote in an email to NRK.

NRK has asked the NFF a number of questions through Kristensen.

However, the NFF gave one answer because it did not want to investigate the case in detail in the media.

The lawyer confirmed the lawsuit as follows:

«The case has been brought before the Oslo District Court and the NFF does not wish to comment on the details of the case other than that the association feels it is absolutely right and necessary to take such steps to protect the values ​​of the national team and the national team. the team’s players represent, and are of course important to safeguard and protect the rights of Norsk Tipping as the greatest partner of the NFF and Norwegian football. In addition, this case also raises some fundamental questions related to compensation assessment and the difference between editorial and commercial use of player images, which from the NFF’s point of view is very important to clarify.».

Believe the claim is unreasonable

Attorney Nicholas Foss Barbantonis of Simonsen’s firm Vogt Wiig is representing Trannel in the case.

In his reply, his claim was that the game company was acquitted.

Based on the facts to date, Trannel is of the opinion that the NFF is not entitled to any remuneration or compensation. This position may change when the NFF submits the requested documentation regarding the alleged infringement of rights, writes Barbantonic in an email to NRK.

Trannel believes the lawsuit is absurd, especially since only 390 people viewed the Instagram story, according to the game company.

The post is related to the national match, and is of public and current concern. To the extent that the court must come to the conclusion that the post constitutes an unlawful use of a commercial trademark and/or reproduction/public display of private photos, the remuneration will be determined based on the extent of the utilization. When only 390 people viewed the post over a 24-hour period, it was hard to understand how it would result in liability for damages of as much as three million kroner, Barbantonis further wrote.

Trannel is trying to settle the case out of court, the attorney said.

Settlement offer rejected by NFF, according to Barbantonis, who also said that the company has promoted a desire for legal mediation.

NRK had brought Trannel’s allegations to the NFF, but the football association chose not to oppose it.

NFF also has not answered questions about the amount of claims.

According to Trannel, what is a reasonable solution?

For the sake of possible court mediation, it is undesirable to say anything about this at this time, respondent Barbanton.

The case is scheduled to go to the Oslo District Court on August 30 and 31.

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