Poland’s prestige in foreign policy is growing

Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine increased Poland’s confidence and prestige in foreign policy; For two weeks, it was Poland that put special pressure on Germany in connection with the delivery of Leopard tanks to Ukraine, wrote television portal ZDF on Wednesday.

At last week’s World Economic Forum in Davos, “Poland’s presence cannot be missed. ‘Polish House’ stands at one of the focal points of the forum. The presence of high-ranking politicians was also visible. Apart from President Andrzej Duda, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and Minister of Finance Magdalena Rzeczkowska were also present.

I am very pleased that Poland is so represented here

Duda concluded while still in Switzerland.

We can say that we cover all political topics here

– he added, not without pride, especially emphasizing support for Ukraine – wrote the portal.

Polish president and government ‘very confident in foreign policy scene’

ZDF noted that the president, “like the entire Polish government, has been very confident in foreign policy in recent months.”

The symbol of this new belief is currently the German Leopard 2 tank

ZDF shows. The portal recalls that “for two weeks, it was Poland that exerted special pressure on Germany regarding the supply of tanks to Ukraine.”

Andrea Gawrich, professor of political science at the University of Giessen, stated that “Poland’s new confidence in foreign policy is the result of Russia’s war of aggression on Ukraine.” Poland “played a major role in hosting (…) Ukrainian refugees, was one of the most important countries supporting Ukraine and was an important center for military supplies and humanitarian assistance from the West. It gave me confidence.”


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