Putin spoke with Macron and Scholz. He lied about Mariupol, blackmailed about food – Wprost

The communique said Rev. “In-depth exchange of views” about the war in Ukraine. Kremlin propaganda reports that Vladimir Putin convinced his partner, Fr. “Strict adherence to international humanitarian law norms” by the Russian military. He also talked about working on “Restoring a peaceful life” in Mariupol and other cities in Russian-occupied Donbass. He consistently labels the destruction of civilian buildings and the killing of innocent people “Liberation”.

Port cities on the Sea of ​​Azov are at more than 90 percent. destroyed by the Russians, and the estimated number of civilians killed stands at 20,000. Recently, Russia has been hastily clearing the rubble and burying the victims in mass graves. About 1/4 of the permanent residents in the city. They live in field conditions, without waste and electricity. Water is released with one water supply line and is not potable.

Putin: Food for the Lifting of Sanctions

In an interview with Scholz and Macron, Vladimir Putin criticized the supply of weapons to Ukraine and spoke about “Western economic and financial policies are wrong” and the imposition of sanctions on Russia as a cause of food problems. The Russian president announced that he would allow grain exports from Ukraine if sanctions imposed after he started the war were lifted.

“For its part, Russia stands ready to contribute to finding opportunities for uninterrupted grain exports, including Ukrainian grain exports from Black Sea ports. Increasing Russia’s supply of fertilizers and agricultural products, which will of course require the lifting of appropriate sanctions, will also help ease tensions in world food markets” – we read in the Kremlin communique. Russia says talks will continue.

Scholz and Macron call for ceasefire

The announcement was also issued by the press office of the German chancellor. This suggests that during an 80-minute conversation, Chancellor Scholz and President Macron called on the Russian leader to immediately carry out a ceasefire and the withdrawal of troops from Ukraine. In addition, they also asked Putin to conduct serious direct negotiations with the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, and seek a diplomatic solution to the conflict.

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