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CLAP HUNTING: Local police enlist the help of the Texas Rangers, who are investigating a more serious crime, in their hunt for convicted killer Gonzalo Lopez.

Texas police have shot and killed Gonzalo Lopez, 46, who fled on May 12. He was suspected after five people were found dead in the same area when he was on the run.


FINAL: Local media reported that Lopez died after a shootout with police south of San Antonio.

Gonzalo Lopez escapes prison after stabbing a guard in the hand and escaping a prison bus in Leon County, Texas on May 12.

The 46-year-old man has been on the run, and manhunt for the man convicted of murder according to the station KHOU has largest in Texas history since 2004 or 2005.

Five people in a family have now been found dead in a house in Leon County, Texas.

At a press conference Friday morning, police confirmed that Lopez was suspected of murder. Investigators are trying to map Lopez’s movements, and don’t think she had any connection to the victims, KHOU11 wrote.

MAFIA RELATIONS: Gonzalo Lopez is connected to the Mexican mafia, investigators say.

Emergency telephones were sounded after relatives were unable to contact elderly relatives. When the police arrived at this relative’s house, they found two adults and three children dead.

Investigators believe that the suspect Lopez may have been driving in a white Chevrolet parked outside the home, which is connected to the city of San Antonio and the Rio Grande Valley.

It was this car that police officers found in the Atacosa County south of San Antonio on Friday. Nail mats were laid, and after a brief chase, Lopez hit a tree, and according to police came out with two pistols. He is said to have fired several shots at officers, who returned. The shot killed the fugitive. No police officers were injured, KHOU11 wrote.

According to the ABC, Lopez was linked to the Mexican mafia. This information comes from the authorities. Lopez was serving a life sentence for murder and attempted murder when he fled.

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