Šantovka will celebrate its round anniversary with a spectacular concert. Proceeds from the event will help a good cause

Shantovka celebrates the anniversary of its first half this year. And he will celebrate in a big way! Already in early September, world star DJ Alla Farben, who is one of the best in her genre, will give a concert. Plus, proceeds from the concert go to a good cause.

Alle Farben’s spectacular shows regularly fill halls and halls for thousands of people. Therefore, it is not surprising that tickets for his concert in Olomouc quickly sold out. In addition, concert organizers only opted for a symbolic entrance fee of 100 crowns, while the proceeds will go to charity. The money will help the project We will open a garden, the purpose of which is to open the garden area at the hospital in Svaté Kopeček to the public and thereby create a space for meetings and positive therapy. More about the project here →

DJ Olomouc’s big party will take place on Saturday, September 2. The 10th anniversary of the opening of the largest shopping center in the region will kick off for the first time at Smetanovy Sady, followed by a grand dance event in the area in front of the shopping gallery. “The DJ party will start here at 7 pm, the culmination of which will be the appearance of one of the best DJs in the world, known as Alle Farben. His hits have been viewed tens of millions of times on the YouTube channel,” says the spokesman for the Šantovka Gallery, Petr Hlávka.

An area with a capacity of ten thousand spectators will be set up in front of Šantovka. Other DJs, such as Andrea Pomeje, would maintain the mood and atmosphere in front of the main star of the night from early in the afternoon. So we are in for a real party!

Tickets available HERE.

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