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Since last summer, more than thirty patients have undergone a mini-invasive procedure called a nanoscopy at the Jesenice hospital. Specialists from the orthopedic department use this technique for diagnostics or minor procedures on the knee joint. During the procedure, medical professionals perform only two small injections under local anesthesia, eliminating the need for a longer hospital stay.

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Nanoarthroscopy, or nanoscopy, which is used on patients for a gentle and quick diagnosis and for minor procedures on the knee joint, has been undergoing patients at the Jesenice hospital since last summer. “Since then, we have more than half a year of experience and more than thirty patients have had nanoscopy with us,” balance in the press release Jozef Janosechead of orthopedics and Hospital JPL AGEL Jeseník.

The gentle procedure requires only two injections, which don’t even require stitches. A thin optic, which is similar to a thick collection needle, is inserted into the joint under local anesthesia. The doctor then monitors the findings on a screen with the patient. This procedure is used by about a dozen workplaces in the Czech Republic.

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“We recently purchased the necessary devices for nanoscopy based on positive feedback. Now they are available to us almost all the time. Nanoscopy is suitable for every patient in diagnostic mode when we need to make a decision or find out what is happening in the joint. For the knee joint , nanoscopy is ideal.” said Mayor Janošec and further clarified: “We can easily tell quickly what’s really bothering the patient and in some cases even treat places, for example, uneven cartilage, perform smaller tissue removal or clean the menisci, and all this under local anesthesia.”

According to a hospital representative, this procedure is fully covered by health insurance. “In the Jesenice area, even due to the unavailability or very little time availability of magnetic resonance imaging in the surrounding cities, this method can partially replace it and greatly speed up the diagnosis,” added a spokesperson for the AGEL group Adam Knesl. Both the doctor and the patient then have the information needed to decide on the next available procedure earlier.

“The procedure itself takes about 15 to 20 minutes, plus the necessary administration. After surgery, patients go straight for home care, where we recommend a three to four day rest period. He traveled alone, mostly without crutches, and was able to drive a car almost immediately. Therefore, the need for postoperative hospitalization in the ward and the restrictions after general anesthesia, including lengthy preoperative check-ups, were eliminated.” prime minister Janošec mentioned other advantages of the new treatment.

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