The enemy is regrouping, Ukraine reported. Russia will continue its attacks

Ukrainian soldiers from the 28th brigade set up a mini-rocket system on the front line near Bakhmut. (20 August 2023)
| Photo: CTK

“After a month of fierce fighting and heavy losses in the Kupyan and Lyman sectors, the enemy regrouped its forces and resources, and at the same time removed its newly formed brigades and divisions from the territory of the Russian Federation,” he wrote Syria. He warned that the main goal of these measures is to “increase the level of combat potential and restore active offensive operations.”

Syrskyj did not provide details regarding the Russian redeployment, but said that Russia was continuing heavy artillery and mortar attacks as well as air strikes. According to him, all efforts need to be made immediately to strengthen defense in threatened areas. This information cannot be independently verified.

The cities of Kupjansk and Lyman were occupied by the Russians in the first months of their one and a half year long invasion of Ukraine. The Ukrainian army liberated the two as part of a counteroffensive in the country’s east since September and October last year.

At the end of July, the Ukrainian command announced that Russia had launched a new offensive in the east of the country with the aim of recapturing the cities. In early August, local authorities announced the mandatory evacuation of civilians from the vicinity of the Kupjan front due to daily Russian shelling.

The General Staff of the Ukrainian Army announced on Friday that Ukrainian troops “continue to resist Russian attacks in the Kupyansk, Lyman and Bakhmut directions” and that “fierce fighting continues”.

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