The first Scouts returned to Prague from the world meeting, despite the complications they enjoyed

Nearly a hundred scouts returned safely to Prague from the world scout meeting in South Korea. Despite the many complications that came with the jamboree, the participants enjoyed the event, making new friends and learning about Korean culture. They announced this on Wednesday after arriving at Prague airport.

The Scouts are back in groups, this is the biggest one yet. The rest will be flown from Korea to Vienna. The Jamboree begins on August 1, after ending on August 12, some groups go on further trips around the host country.

The world scout meeting was marked by difficulties, some of which were caused by poor preparation by the organizers. At the start of the jamboree, several hundred participants sought medical attention due to difficulties caused by the high temperatures prevailing in the southern part of the country where the first jamboree was held.

However, according to Czech participants, the organizers resolved the problem, although it often happened at the last minute. “In the end, they always handled it at least well enough so that we, the participants, didn’t pay much attention and it didn’t prevent us from enjoying the Jamboree,” said one of the participants, Anna Kábová.

Participants also complained about poor sanitary conditions and poor supplies. The British expedition, which was the largest with 4,000 participants, moved prematurely from the camp of 40,000 people. However, according to Kábová, most of the media’s complications and shortcomings were magnified into bigger disasters than they actually were.

“When it comes to hygienic conditions, bathrooms and toilets, for example, I have never faced the problem of not being able to use them because of their condition, and I think the situation is getting better day by day,” Kábová said.

Evacuation due to typhoon

Furthermore, the campus was evacuated last Tuesday due to Typhoon Khanun, and the scouts were moved to accommodation in and around Seoul. Czech scouts were granted asylum by the Royal Military Academy in Nowon, Seoul. A replacement program was prepared for them by the military academy in cooperation with the city district and the Czech embassy in Seoul.

According to another participant, Jan Graffe, the program is very well prepared and the Czech scouts have everything they need. “It was so well prepared that it seemed like the Koreans had prepared in advance for it to happen,” Graffe said.

According to participant Lukáš Odstrčil, as a result of the evacuation, the scouts had more time to get to know Korean culture in Seoul and other Korean regions. For example, they are in a mask museum.

After the jamboree officially ends, some scout groups take part in post-event events, namely other events and trips. “I will remember that event with everything, good, great and bad,” concluded Kábová. According to him, scouts don’t have to be perfect, but they can make new friends and experience unique adventures. “The fatigue is great, but the experience is greater than that,” Graffe agreed.

The next Jamboree will be held in Poland in four years.

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