The Germans did not want to stop working on the Oder River. Business versus politicians

According to Radzimanowski job opponents they tried to give the impression that the Oder River would be “pushed” into a concrete trough. – Or the dredging work will be carried out on such a scale that it will be possible to transport container ships on the Oder, as was the case on the Rhine – he added.

According to him, in fact such a thing was not foreseen at all. – We are in contact with universities who have specifically designed flat-bottomed ships that don’t need a lot of water and can still transport goods, he emphasized.

“Oder contamination must not be repeated”

In an interview with DW, he said: that “often one does not look at the facts and instead focuses on the idea of ​​disaster”. — Of course, we need to disassociate from what we are talking about here, last year’s pollution of the Oder River. This definitely can’t happen again. However, this is a completely different topic, which is now being used as an argument why work on the river on the Polish side should be stopped. If this is the case, it should be added here that work is also being carried out on the German side of the Oder, for example at Frankfurt an der Oder, he concludes.

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