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At first glance, he offers a recruitment allowance of half a million crowns to a pediatrician in Hejnice who is about to take over the practice in the city. However, it seems that even the tempting bonuses did little to find a new doctor.

At least according to mayor Hejnice Jaroslav Demčák (For the better Hejnice) resulting from the reactions of potential suitors. “We have different reactions. Some say let’s give half a million a month, others compare, for example in Prague the police recruitment allowance is 300 thousand, so they laugh at us. explained the mayor.

Hejničtí decided on a financial bonus to occupy the pediatrician’s office after the current pediatrician announced his departure and the city needed to find a replacement who would take over the furnished office from July 1. Apart from money, the city also offers well-equipped apartments and doctors’ offices. However, it has so far failed to attract anyone.

We hope someone is found, we try our best with the bonuses offered. We have money saved in the budget, so we can offer that, although of course some reps feel that’s like a bribe. However, we are concerned with providing care for at least 1,500 children here in Hejnice and its surroundings.” explained Demčák.

Currently there are three pediatricians working in Frýdlantsk who treat about 4,500 small patients. If one dropped out, the other two would not even have the capacity to treat their patients.

“It’s terrible that we got into this situation. It has to be solved by the state and not by the municipality,” notes Demčák.

The herd isn’t the only place they’re looking for doctors. For example, in the nearby Nové Město pod Smrkem, they have been looking for a general practitioner since last November. Then overnight the local doctor quit and the surgery was closed ever since.

“The doctor has health problems, so first of all we are waiting to see how everything develops. We started working on him intensively in December, when he told us that he would not be coming back because of his health. Even the Mediclinic operators couldn’t find a replacement, so it was left to we.” the mayor of Nové Město explained the situation Petr Cernica (YES).

The experience in Kota Baru is also similar to that in Hejnice. “Most of the doctors we spoke to did not want to practice in the city and preferred to work in hospitals. In practice, the responsibility belongs only to them, they decide everything, they have to find compensation for themselves during the holidays, they are tied to one place, and it is lost to them in the hospital.” approached Černica and pointed out that the problem comes mainly from the state or the insurance company, which does absolutely nothing to help the municipality with this problem.

They finally managed to find a general practitioner in Nové mesto pod Smrkem, and it was only today that they signed a contract with him.

The Liberec region now wants to further support the city government’s efforts to find the missing doctor. “We are preparing a new grant program to support the establishment of new health facilities or the takeover of existing health facilities, to preserve existing dental, practitioner or general practitioner practices for children and adolescents. It will most likely be announced in the coming weeks, sometime in June.” notify Liberec county councilors for health care Vladimir Richtr (ODS).

Cities can apply for support, and they can use the money, for example, to furnish operations, operating costs and the like, ie to support the creation or maintenance of existing medical facilities.

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