The sheikh has the world’s largest hummer built. It has two floors, four machines and a height of 6.6 meters

The United Arab Emirates is home to many superlatives. Now they’ve joined another one – the world’s largest Hummer H1. The creator of the idea to build such a car was Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan an-Nahajan, a former high-ranking politician and especially the operator of the Offroad History Museum in Sharjah, which holds the Guinness World Record for the largest collection of 4x4s. vehicle. There are 718 different models and this biggest hummer will be added to it.

Of course, the car, which looks like a triple-zoomed Hummer H1 and is also marked X3, wasn’t built by inflating the actual H1. It is based on the US Army LARC-LX amphibious vehicle, which served in the second half of the 20th century, primarily in the Vietnam War.

The H1 X3 is powered by four diesel engines; It is not known whether the 269k in-line six-cylinder Detroit Diesel 6-71, which supports the LARC-LX. However, we do know that the H1 X3 can handle a top speed of 32 km/h.

The interior is divided into two floors, where in addition to the driver’s room and common room, we also find the kitchen and bathroom. So, not yet – the interior is still being worked on. However, the engine usually won’t run down the street, even though the video shows this – it will be an exhibit at a museum.

In addition to this curiosity, Sheikh al-Nahyan also created the largest SUV in the world. It is called the Dhabiyan, has ten wheels and three spares, under the hood a 15.2-liter Caterpillar turbodiesel engine with 600 horsepower, weighing 24 tons and a length of 10.8 meters. However, there is a chance the Hummer H1 X3 will take this title away from it.

Dhabiyan, the world’s largest SUV


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