The Tesla Model Y is the best-selling car in the world. In the first quarter, it beat Toyota’s internal combustion engine and another –

Automotive analytics firm JATO Dynamics found out from sales in the first quarter of 2023 the victory went to the Tesla Model Y. With 267,200 units sold, it surpassed the Toyota Corolla and its variants by ten thousand cars. He wrote a website about it Machine 1.

But Corolla is not electric car… That’s right, it’s about ratings regardless of drive type. Electric cars occupy the first position in the world for the first time. And while those are just quarterly stats, in 2022, the Tesla Model Y is third behind the Toyota Corolla and RAV4, and its sales are steadily increasing.

Last August, Elon Musk prophesied at a shareholder meeting that the Model Y would be the best-selling model in 2023. Traditionally he seems overly loud, but he probably knows what he’s talking about. Tesla helped sales by slashing prices and shipping 69% more Model Ys to customers in the first quarter of this year than in the same period last year.

Tesla’s sales have been greatly helped by China, where the Model Y is very popular and 35% of sales are here. Toyota, on the other hand, did not do so well and Corolla sales fell year over year. On the other hand, the second to fifth place belongs to Toyota, the other auto companies are simply not included in this part of the published JATA report.

Best selling car in Q1 2023

  • 1st Place: Tesla Model Y
  • 2nd place: Toyota Corolla (and its variants)
  • 3rd Place: Toyota Hilux
  • 4th Place: Toyota RAV4
  • 5th Place: Toyota Camry

The Tesla Model Y is a small SUV. The base model with a range of 455 km sells for 1,165,490 CZK. The Long Range, which has a range of up to 533 km, costs CZK 1,355,490, while the more powerful Performance variant costs CZK 1,455,990.

Tesla’s advantage is relatively good availability. The Long Range model may ship in June, the Performance in July, the base variant in August. The waiting time for traditional car companies is much longer.

JATA statistics are based on official sales data, other information and estimates.

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