The victim in the Sandaker double homicide case was a witness for the Crown when the accused man was last convicted of murder

One of the victims in a double murder in Oslo in June was a key witness when the 53-year-old defendant was convicted in 2000 of killing an elderly couple, TV 2 reports.

Two men were found murdered in a block of flats at Sandaker in Oslo on June 30. The man charged with murder has also previously been convicted of multiple homicides.

A 75-year-old man and a man in his 60s were found murdered in different apartments on a block in Sandaker on the afternoon of June 30 this year. A 53-year-old man was arrested and charged with murder.

Television 2 has reviewed the man’s long criminal history, and writes that the oldest victim in Sandaker was the police’s most important witness when the man was convicted of a double homicide at Sinsen in Oslo.

The 53-year-old man’s defense, lawyer Kaja de Vibe Malling, considered that there was no relevance between the two cases.

Dozens of stab wounds

In November 1998, a woman (67) and a man (70) were found murdered in their own living room in Sinsen. The window on the porch door was broken. The main theory by the police is that they were killed when they found the man inside the detached house.

The now deceased man (75) explained at the time that the accused had told him about the murder of the husband and wife, according to the channel.

The woman and man suffered 66 and 25 stab wounds respectively, with what the ruling described as “force and brutality that testify to very strong aggression”.

His sentence was 21 years in prison with ten years probation (now prisoner). The 53-year-old man was released on parole in November 2012 after serving two-thirds of his sentence for murder. He was later convicted of a number of serious robberies in Oslo.

Recognized fact

The man has admitted the facts regarding the Sandaker murder, but has not yet made a judgment on criminal wrongdoing. The police also believe that these victims were killed with a knife.

His defense attorney, Kaja de Vibe Malling, believed testimony from an old murder case had no relevance to the murder case the 53-year-old is now prosecuting.

– This is a completely isolated incident, which he has already described. “I can’t see that having anything to do with his prior criminal history,” the defense told TV 2.

The man was detained for four weeks after his arrest, two of which were in complete isolation.

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