The Walking Dead: City of the Dead – A new series from the world of the Living Dead begins

What happens to Maggie and Negan after the main series ends? Check out the trailer, get to know yourself.

Even though the series Living corpse ended last fall after eleven seasons, the brand has been kept alive with a number of spin-offs. Still running long lasting The Walking Dead: The Beginning of the End and there’s a lot of news on the horizon. The former go first The Walking Dead: City of the Dead.

The six-part miniseries centers on the unlikely couple, Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Even though he has done a number of positive deeds over the years, he is still a serial killer who sadistically killed Maggie and her husband Glenn right before his eyes. Now all he has to do is ask her for help. His son Hershel (Logan Kim) kidnapped by a cruel Croat (Zeljko Ivanek), which is in the Manhattan cut-off. Negan knows his way around the island and has experience with Croatia.

Also starring Gaius Charles And Mahina Napoleon. He is the writer of the miniseries Eli Jornewhich also participated in the original The living dead. While we are still waiting for the premiere in the Czech Republic (individual “on-off” series so far offered Netflix, HBO And Amazons), the first episodes and journalist reviews are already circulating abroad.

They mostly talk about the fact that the miniseries delivered some decent zombie fun. It’s great that the narrative isn’t too dirty and the two main actors are strong movers. In addition, a number of creatively treated zombies will get in their way, and the big city environment is a pretty big change in the series. Seems to be some of the brand’s best episodes in a long time. But at the same time Ghost town they didn’t bring anything really new and they are still basically that Living corpse in a slightly overstitched jacket. So your viewing experience will largely depend on how much you like the brand itself and these two special characters.

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