The women’s team opened the series against Fredrikstad/Lillestrøm

– We’ve finally started! We look forward to the journey down to meet other great footballers in the new regional 3 division on the women’s side, said coach Vegar Frey.

Lillestrøm’s youth team’s aim is to be one of the top three who will enter the autumn play-offs to fight for promotion to the 2nd division.

– The seven teams will meet each other home and away this spring. The top three in the table enter the play-offs in the fall against the best three in other divisions. The winner here moves up to division 2, said Frey.

THE BIRD: Coach Vegar Frey and the women’s team are ready for an exciting season in the 3rd division.

He was satisfied with how preparations were going for the start of the series.

– Our girls have a great run-up. We have done very well in the games we have had over the winter, and have shown that we can keep up with all the games we have played. We want tough opponents this winter to get the pace and, at the very least, get some physical feel against the stronger teams. Most are moving away from age-specific football and straight into senior football, so we have to learn fast.

– We aim to fight for the top three now in the spring, but it won’t be easy. Raufoss may be the biggest favorite in our division, but teams like Brumunddal, Kolbotn 2 and ØHIL 2 are not easy opponents either. If we manage to finish in the top three, we think it will be a very good achievement with such a young and inexperienced team, said coach LSK.

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In any case, it is the optimistic group that travels to Fredrikstad and tonight’s series kicks off at 8.15pm at the Fredrikstad stadium.

– We went to Fredrikstad with the goal of three points. We won 3-0 earlier this winter, but it was a game that stood and tilted for a long time. The match squad consists of 18 players. We have three players out with long-term injuries, and another two are at home due to illness. But we have a large and consistent squad so we don’t think it will mean the world, said Vegar Frey.

PS! The first home game in division 3 will be played after the men’s series opener against Strømsgodset on Monday 10 April. The match against Kolbotn 2 kicks off at 20.30 at LSK-Hallen, and we hope many will make the trip to support the women’s team at the home premiere.

Here you can see the complete schedule of the LSK girls!

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