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Lava from Mauna Loa has started flowing down the mountainside during the night. The volcano is the largest active volcano in the world. The last time it erupted was in 1984.

The activity is now occurring after the longest lull in the known history of a volcano.

The outbreak started last night. Then there is activity just in the center of the crater at the summit. It didn’t cause lava to flow down the mountainside.

On the night to Tuesday Norwegian time, several cracks in the mountainside opened. Then the lava started flowing down.

FAST FLOWS: A series of lava flows are now descending from the volcano.

Photo: USGS

Flow fast

Lava from Mauna Loa is known to be thin. It means moving fast.

The researchers report that currently no inhabited areas are directly threatened. They warned that it could change.

– At the moment we don’t know what will happen, researcher Ken Hon said during a press conference on Monday. He is a researcher in charge of the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory.

He urged people to prepare to evacuate.

The graphic shows a lava flow from the Mauna Loa volcano

LAVA: A shining stream of molten rock shoots out of a crevice in the mountainside. The current moves down the volcano in a northeasterly direction.

Photo: USGS

Flow the right way

On Tuesday, lava flowed northeast. It occurs in an area that was previously marked as highly vulnerable. No one was there. Nor is any infrastructure vulnerable.

Lava flows down the Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii

VIEWING IT FROM HOME: A Norwegian informant has sent this image to NRK. He rents a house in Hawaii.

Photo: Edvin Austreim

Even nature is unlikely to be particularly damaged. There have been many eruptions since the island was formed. It is half a million years old. Plants struggle to establish themselves on the fresh, rocky soil.

This is especially true where lava flows are frequent.

Hawaii island satellite image.

IN SOIL STONE: Plants are found in large numbers on the island of Hawaii. It’s in an area that’s been a while since the lava solidified.

Photo: Landsat 7/Nasa

It’s going well

The eruptions occurred on the island chain collectively known as Hawaii. The states of America consist of 137 islands. The largest island is also called Hawaii. That’s where Mauna Loa is.

The inhabitants are very familiar with volcanoes. The islands are made of lava.

There is frequent volcanic activity in the state, but rarely results in loss of life. The latter died in the eruption was a photographer in 1924.

Kīlauea volcano eruption.  May 18, 1924

GONE WRONG: Nearly a hundred years ago there was a series of explosions at the Kīlauea volcano. An unlucky photographer was hit by a boulder and lost his life.

Photo: Maehara, K

Tourist magnet

Epidemics that don’t cause damage are generally welcomed by the people of the archipelago. Volcanoes attract tourists. Tourism is an important part of the country’s economy.

Hawaii News Now website today has a positive corner case about this.

– This outbreak will most likely encourage winter tourism, was the title of one of the cases.

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