There was Hegerberg with a thunderous speech against the president of Spanish football

Jennifer Hermoso, 33, who was kissed by the president of Spanish football, on Friday evening strongly challenged the president’s claims that the kiss was mutual.


– I feel obligated to report that Mr. Luis’ words explaining the unfortunate event are completely false and part of a manipulative culture he himself created, said Jennifer Hermoso in a statement on X/Twitter.

President of football Luis Rubiales, who refused to back down, explained that Jennifer Hermoso picked him up and pulled him close before the kiss happened.

– It was a spontaneous kiss. Mutual benefit, euphoria and consensus. That’s the key here, the federation chairman said at a general meeting Friday, according to BBC.

Friday evening, Hermoso replied:

– I feel vulnerable and like a victim of an impulse-driven, sexist and misplaced act without my consent.

The Spanish women’s national team refuses to play matches until the president of football is removed.

This was revealed in a joint statement, according to Reuters.

Minutes later, Norway star Ada Hegerberg was tough on the soccer president.

This Not gradualNot gradualEuropean Football Association. vice president, who delivered this lousy speech. If you don’t see the problem, you are part of the problem. My thoughts are with the players, who should be celebrating, and with those who have decided to stay home. Enough, wrote Ada Hegerberg on Friday night.

Luis Rubiales is vice president of UEFA and president of Spanish football.

The case surrounding the World Cup kiss after the final against England is still growing.

Earlier on Friday, Spain’s Minister of Sport Victor Francos stated that the government wants to remove Luis Rubiales from his position as president of football after the kiss he gave Jennifer Hermoso.

– Rubiales has not lived up to what the players, government or society expected, said Victor Francos at a press conference on Friday.

It happened just hours after Rubiales spoke before the public assembly. There he made it clear that he refused to step down as supreme leader of Spanish football.

– I refuse to resign, Rubiales said three times and was applauded in the hall on Friday during an extraordinary rally.

When the soccer president finished speaking after half an hour, he received a standing ovation from those present at the rally. Rubiales returned the favor by showering him with kisses.

The sports president criticized the assembly.

– The assembly did not resolve or calm the situation. On the contrary, it adds fuel to the case. The explanation is not good enough, nor is it good enough that we cannot take action, said Francos.

The president of football announced and apologized for the incident on Monday, but the criticism has not abated for the reasons.

In addition to Ada Hegerberg, Caroline Graham Hansen is also listed in the public sector:

– Jennifer Hermoso, I’m rooting for you! This is just a lie. We’ll all see what really happened, wrote the star from Norway Twitter Friday before.

Boys’ player Borja Iglesias has resigned from the national team because he feels the association does not represent his values.

Borja Iglesias played for Real Betis, but has finished with the Spanish national team.

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