This is how Russia shows Poland. Report of a Russian journalist

Masha Makarova, a Russian journalist from Belsat TV, was asked about Vladimir Soloviev, a Russian journalist and propagandist who “targets Poland”. As he judged, “he was a man who had a lot of time on Russian television, because all entertainment programs disappeared during the war”. – Only the so-called bands are left with information, it’s just lies and propaganda. And, of course, more time is given to the likes of Soloviev, or someone else who runs what’s called a big talk show whose main topic is Ukraine, of course, but also the countries that support Ukraine. Poland has always been a target in this program – emphasize journalists. – In this Russian propaganda, also in the post of Dmitry Medvedev, Poland appears as a puppet state. A country that is actually ruled not by Polish politicians, but by the United States, which is one of the oldest and, in fact, the most important ideological enemy of Putin’s Russia today. A country that distorts history and which never in its life – as Dmitry Medvedev writes – tells the truth about the Second World War – says Makarova.

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