Through the eyes of Sasha Mitrofanov: Hitler grew from a fungus that did not disappear

It happened in Ukraine yesterday. Vladimir Putin stated that the Ukrainian state is a fiction because it was created by (criminal) Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. The Russian president did not reveal anything new in his thoughts. It always occurred to him that there were no Ukrainians, they were Russians. And if they are Russian, they should be under the Russian leadership. Now he is starting to fulfill his fixed ideas.

If he reminds people of Adolf Hitler, it’s no coincidence. Hitler as a unifier of the German-populated countries, including the Sudetenland, rehabilitated Putin’s man in 2014. I hope that history repeats itself twice: first as a tragedy, second as a joke. It depends on the severity of the reaction of the Euro-Atlantic world.

Perhaps his leaders finally understood that they had not a difficult partner ahead of them, but an angry barbarian who had no intention of stopping at anything to fill his oversized complex that peppered inferiority. If Nord Stream 2 is discontinued, as it is now stated, it should not be the only measure to keep Putin and his party under control.

But for a few days now, I had no other story in mind. Again, I challenge you to engage your imagination. You are at home and suddenly it forces you to collect only what is necessary and go into the unknown. You go, but you don’t know where. When the bus stops, you will find that no one is waiting for you and your children, who are crying and hungry and thirsty. Then they will tell you that they will take you further afield, somewhere where the foxes give you a good night.

The locals treat you differently, there are good people among them, but others scold you as an overly demanding parasite. You’re so broke, you can barely go back home. After all, they transferred you on the condition that there would be a war. No, but you played your part in the propaganda and now you can slide… This is a summary of the report after the forced expulsion of some of the separatist territories in eastern Ukraine to Russia.

But these people are not defending themselves. They allow them to manipulate them. Some even believe it. They are also pliable mushrooms, from which the Hitlers were able to grow. This mushroom is found not only in Ukraine or Russia, but also in other places, including the Czech Republic. It is hidden in every movement based on leadership principles. It is no coincidence that the SPD appears to be Putin’s aggression can not see.

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