“Tough contestant”. Former ambassador on the opponent Macron

Marine Le Pen said right after the second round of the election that he “will never give up and will never leave politics”. The guest of the Polish Army, Andrzej Byrt, former Polish ambassador to France and Germany, was asked by Michał Wróblewski, who organized the “Tłit” program, whether losing the presidential election could be a political end for Le Pen on the French scene. – No. He followed his father’s example, a formidable fighter, much more extreme, nationalist, and also anti-Semitic. He is a formidable political fighter and will definitely not back down. After all, real politicians around the world are recognized by the fact that they do not deviate from the goals they have set for themselves. So it will definitely try to gather opponents and, above all, to collect and register the “accidents” of the current head of state – said the guest of the Polish Armed Forces. – He will definitely play against Macron and, above all, his policy of openness in France and its influence on world politics, but at the same time without forgetting what is happening in the country – judged Byrt. The former ambassador stressed that “it will be a tough political battle”. – Good if the next National Assembly election comes, but then we have more, because they will rule themselves again, to the European Parliament. He would persistently gather his followers. And let’s remember that the difference between Macron’s victory over Marine Le Pen in the previous election five years ago was bigger. It’s still big now, but has narrowed down – said a guest from the Polish Army.

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