War in Ukraine – – Will show in six seconds

IN video message shared on Twitter According to BBC Russia expert Francis Scarr, Kadyrov says that “the problems in Ukraine are over” and that he is now interested in Poland.

“Once we are done in Ukraine, as soon as we receive the order, we will show them in six seconds what we are capable of,” he said.

Don’t let it pass

Kadyrov further requested that Poland seek an official pardon after the attack on the Russian ambassador Sergei Andreyev.

Two weeks ago, the ambassador was soaking wet as he was about to lay a wreath at a monument to fallen Soviet soldiers in Warsaw.

DEMONSTRANTS: Russia’s ambassador to Poland, Sergei Andreyev, is painted red by protesters as he visits a monument to fallen Soviet soldiers in Warsaw. Videos: Twitter.
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In a video published on social media, one can see that a group of people are waiting for the ambassador at the monument, and they then, in public, immerse him in what appears to be red paint.

– We will not let it pass, says Kadyrov in the video, which is also described by the media as Express and News Week.

NATO is preparing for a major war

Has helped Ukraine

Poland has taken in millions of Ukrainian refugees since the war began in late February. The country is a strong supporter of Ukraine’s desire to join the EU.

Poland has become an important staging post for humanitarian aid from the West, as well as weapons, sent to Ukraine. The country has also assisted Ukraine in shipping grain and other agricultural products to world markets, as Russia has blocked Ukrainian ports on the Black Sea.

Earlier this week, Ukraine and Poland signed border cooperation – what President Volodymyr Zelensky called a historic bilateral agreement.

The agreement stipulates that the two countries will establish joint border controls. In the long term, these countries also plan to establish a railway company that will contribute to increasing Ukraine’s export opportunities by making it easier to transport goods to the EU.

UKRAINE WAR: Ramzan Kadyrov from Chechnya has posted on social media a video of Chechen troops in Ukraine after the Russian invasion. Videos: Telegram. Journalist: Julie Tran.
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Private army

Kadyrov was recently promoted to lieutenant general in the Russian army for his role in the invasion of Ukraine. His almost personal army, the famous “Kadyrovites”, fought side by side with Russian troops in the war.

Already in the early days of the war, Kadyrov announced that he “had 70,000 volunteer troops ready to fight for our country, Russia,” and during a grand event in the capital Grozny on February 25, 10,000 of his people volunteered to serve.

Chechnya is one of Russia’s sub-republics, and has been ravaged by decades of internal unrest. Kadyrov and Putin are interdependent; while the elected Kadyrov did not help the Russian president keep Islamist power in the region, he has Putin behind him as the republic’s sole ruler.

PUTIN AND KADYROV: Vladimir Putin and Ramzan Kadyrov have mutual dependence.  Photo: Reuters / NTB Click to add a caption

PUTIN AND KADYROV: Vladimir Putin and Ramzan Kadyrov have mutual dependence. Photo: Reuters / NTB Click to add a caption
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The “Kadyrovites” attracted attention early in the Ukrainian war, because an elite unit, according to the Ukrainian authorities, was sent to assassinate President Volodymyr Zelensky.

PRIVATE ARMY: These are soldiers from Wagner’s group. The group is described as Putin’s personal army. Journalist: Maja Walberg Klev. Commentator: Morten Strand.
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