Will Ilhav stay with the national team? How far is the Czech Republic from Qatar? And why aren’t they there?

7 hours ago, 14.04.2022 17:05
Jan Hrabalek
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South Africa, Brazil, Russia. Now the fourth has joined these three states – Qatar. Neither of them feature the Czech national football team and will not feature in the world championships. The nation that raised Plánička, Masopusta or Nedvěd will be out for the fourth time in a row on the world’s biggest football holiday. How far is the Czech from him? The latest issue of HATTRICK magazine, now on sale, provides an analysis of the national team’s top cycle.

According to the optimists there is a small part missing, according to the pessimists, a good part, and in this broad spirit, Hattrick also evaluates the performance of the Czech Republic in the playoffs. A very important aspect is the situation in Jaroslav ilhav’s coaching staff.

Compared to last June, all defenses of Coufal, elůstka, Kalas, Bořil were eliminated from the game. In just a few steps Kúdela or the long-term Provod marodi Hovorka are back. Health did not allow the barracks evčík, Vydra and especially Patrik Schick, a key Czech offensive player and along with Ronald the best scorer of the European Championship last year. A shooter who stepped on the heels of Robert Lewandowski in the Bundesliga.

The analysis of the national team at HATTRICK also outlines questions about Jaroslav ilhav’s further work in the first state election. Should he stay and move on? Or should someone else take his place? But who?

The voice of the people, the voice of God. So we diversified this extensive material from HATTRICK magazine by selecting from the many fan discussions on football websites and social networks. Not even here the nation of football is not united.

And what about you? Do you already have a HATTRICK with text about unfinished Qatar trip?

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