The first Alzheimer’s in a new escape game. What happens to patients with dementia?

In Hořovice, the game is run by the non-profit organization Dementia. It aims to bring people closer to the situations in which patients with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia find themselves every day.

Shoes in the oven

“We’re trying to evoke the feeling that someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s has it. So mainly fear, helplessness, insecurity… But we certainly don’t want to evoke negative experiences. It has to be fun, at the same time as education on the subject of dementia, which is a very changing topic today,” Martina Boušková, education coordinator at the Dementia organization, explained to News.

“The things you know and use have absolutely no meaning in normal life. For example, if you have to complete a task in the kitchen, you will find that the oven is not an oven, or that even a television works in a completely different way,” Martina Boušková explains. how the task works. We finally found shoes and books in the oven.

Help guide

This game is intended for all adult players over the age of 15. Younger ones may only be accompanied by a legal representative. Not all tasks will be fun. The more difficult ones can test their self-control.

Therefore, experienced guides are present at all times, helping participants complete tasks during the game when they are at the end. But they talk to you like a dementia patient, you don’t feel like stepping out of the role at all. After completing all the tasks, there is a dialogue in which much is clarified.

Players perform a variety of tasks that focus on logical thinking or spatial orientation.

Photo: News

Dozens of people have tried the game and, according to Boušková, the feedback has been great. Many of them had familial Alzheimer’s or dementia, and thanks to Demetrix, things became clear to them.

He did it on purpose to me

For example, Martina Kemrová, who works at Dementia, confessed to News that thanks to Demetrix she realized what her mother with Alzheimer’s had to go through.

“It’s been fifteen years since we didn’t know much about Alzheimer’s. I think my mom did those things to me on purpose, I thought if I spoke to her loud and fast she would understand, but in the end she looked at me like an animal frightened,” recalls Kemrová, adding that today he felt sorry he treated his mother like that. Many things became clear to him after trying Demetrix.

Martina Kemrová’s mother suffers from Alzheimer’s disease.

Photo: archive of M. Kemrová / Dementia

“You often feel frustrated, you forget what you could always do, what you wanted to do, what day it is… And when others remind you, you take it as a big failure,” he explains. Martina Kemrová’s experience.

He wanted to say to people who treat someone with such a disease: “Play Demetrix to know how it feels to be on a patient’s skin and then have a lot of patience and kindness.”

The game consists of three rooms, which represent different stages of the disease. It is possible to participate in a number of 1-6 players. You can login at Demetrics.

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